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Tikal & Full Stack Developers Israel is proud to announce:


A Full Week of Full Stack
In-person, Online and Hackathon all in one week!

December 20-23, 2021 | Zappa TLV & Online
Schedule & Tickets are now available!

About the Event

TechRadarCon is the annual event of the Israeli Full Stack Developers community by Tikal for software developers and engineers. The week is packed with cutting-edge content, with keynote speakers from leading companies, online lectures and finally a hackathon.

A Taste Of Tech Radar Day 2019

What is the Tech Radar

The 5th edition of the Israeli Tech Radar summarizes the usage and opinions gathered from our experts’ research on current trends and technologies, in collaboration with leading tech companies such as: Monday, Wix, Riskified, NetApp, Taboola and more. Current trends on the radar include: Back to monorepo, Cloud Native Environments, DevOps Shift Left, The Rise of Platform Engineering and The Tech Skills Shortage is Surging.

Explore the Radar

Discover the Full
Range of Full Stack

Frontend, Backend, Mobile, DevOps and ML all in one place. TechRadarCon is an excellent opportunity to discover and get hands-on experience in the latest trends and technologies on the market.

Frontend & Mobile
Machine Learning

The Agenda

Day 1

Opening Event @ Zappa TLV

Keynote lectures from leading experts in the industry, covering the radar trends.

Days 2+3

Online Lectures

Lectures according to your domain of interest.

Day 4

TechRadar Hack!

Hands-on experience for developers with the latest trends! and a great opportunity for R&D leaders to meet potential new talents.


Get your Tickets

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Early Bird

320 NIS

Sales ended on Nov 7, 2021

Day 1

150 NIS

Dec 20 - Opening Event @ Zappa TLV


420 NIS

For all days

Group Sale

315 NIS

Buy 4+ tickets for all days


Tech Radar Week is a great opportunity to connect with our growing community. During the event, you will meet and engage with more than 500 developers and engineers both in-person and online, from a wide range of startups and tech companies.

Media Partners


  • Zappa TLV, Midtown Complex
  • Derech Menachem Begin 144, TLV

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* The event will be held according to COVID-19 restrictions.