Speakers | Tech Radar Con 2022


Lior Kanfi


Trusted Giver, passionate Tech Leader, Entrepreneur, Meetups Organizer and a pioneer Open Source supporter

Suzanne Daniels


Suzanne's passion is finding ways to help developers and engineers get the tools and skills to do what they do best: creating the software this world runs on while trying to innovate and make sense of buzzwords at the same time. Before she went into Developer Relations, she was an advisor and consultant for organizations on digital transformation, software development and adoption of (cloud)technologies. Before that she was a developer and consultant on developer & application platforms. Suzanne emcees/hosts at events and is a speaker on both technical topics and more in general on transformation & innovation. Also, she organizes meetups and events about D&I, a11y, Azure, developer technologies and Open Source.

Dror Weiss


Co-founder of Tabnine | Software developer & engineering manager for 20+ years

Kyle Gallatin


Kyle Gallatin is currently a software engineer on the machine learning platform team at Etsy. In this role, Kyle is redesigning existing ML systems with a focus on ML model training, real-time model serving, MLOps processes, and model governance. Kyle spends his free time teaching and volunteering within the ML space. He also writes articles for technical publications on ML engineering, MLOps, and infrastructure.

Efrat Garber-Aran

AI21 Labs

Her BA and MA are in Hebrew literature, but after a short career in NGO's and Renewal Judaism, she successfully retrained and become fraud analysis at Paypal. Today, her role at AI21 Labs is to lead the product data science of the Studio - a platform for developing AI applications that comprehend and generate natural language using cutting-edge language models (LMs) developed by AI21 Labs. Additionally, Efrat performs spoken word poetry.

Haggai Philip Zagury


Haggai Philip Zagury, DevOps Group & Tech Lead @ Tikal Knowledge. Haggai has over 10 years @ Tikal in DevOps, CI/CD, alongside prior OPS experience, he is passionate about Technology, Open Source, and Open Thinking. In the past 10 years, Haggai accompanied many customers in their Journey to CI/CD via Automation, Cloud, Containers Orchestration and more.

Yoav Nordmann


Yoav Nordmann is a Backend Architect and Tech Lead with over 20 years of experience. At Tikal he holds the position of a Group Leader mentoring fellow workers. He is passionate about new and emerging technologies, knowledge sharing, lecturing and achieving goals together.

Ronel Girat


Over 13 years working on start-ups in the mobile industry, senior level engineer with vast experience in mobile and end-to-end system development

Gil Fink


Gil Fink is a web development expert, Web Technologies GDE and sparXys CEO. He is currently consulting for various enterprises and companies, where he helps to develop web based solutions. He is also co-author of several Microsoft Official Courses (MOCs) and training kits and co-author of "Pro Single Page Application Development" book (Apress).

Hen Ben Hemo


Big Data Tech Lead at Riskified. Hen has been a key player in the design and development of Riskified's next-gen big data infrastructure using DeltaLake, Airflow, Snowflake, and Spark on Kubernetes. Before Riskified, Hen worked in various tech companies, facing different scaling & big data challenges. Hen is also an amateur pilot, foodie and loves to travel with his wife and kids.

Liran Tal


Known for his open source and JavaScript security initiatives, Liran Tal is an award-winning software developer, security researcher, and community leader in the JavaScript community. He's an internationally recognized GitHub Star, acknowledged for his open source advocacy, and has received the OpenJS Foundation's Pathfinder for Security for his work on Node.js security. His contributions to developer security education include leading OWASP projects, building supply chain security tools, participation in CNCF and OpenSSF initiatives, and authoring books such as O'Reilly's Serverless Security. He leads the developer advocacy team at Snyk.io and strives to empower developers with better security.

Isan Rivkin


Isan Rivkin is the Team Leader of the Data Production Engineering team at Similarweb with vast experience in everything related to DevOps, Cloud Infrastructure, and Distributed Systems. Isan is a frequent speaker at the IstioCon, Rust, Israel Clouds, and other communities and the host of the "Boker Code" Podcast for developers.

Sari Alalem


I’m Sari Alalem, an Architect at Soluto, I had the opportunity of holding a set of roles through my career of 12 years, I went from QA to software developer, team lead, architect and even Co-Founder at one point. I aspire to share my versatile professional experiences with the R&D community through public speaking. I’m a Palestinian from East Jerusalem, happily married and a father to one lovely kid.

Eran Bibi


Eran Bibi is Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Firefly. With years of experience in anything DevOps/SRE and security, he has earned a reputation as a CI/CD and SRE expert and an avid admin of Cloud Platforms and containerized environments.

Liat Ashkenazi


Liat Ashkenazi is SVP of Engineering at OwnBackup. Liat has over 20 years of experience in building enterprise software and managing high-scale global R&D organizations. Prior to OwnBackup, she led data security at the cybersecurity company Imperva. Previously, she served as an R&D director at Harman, an automotive and audio company, where she led the development group of a new IoT platform. Liat was also the R&D director at CWT, a business and travel company. She is a graduate of Tel Aviv University with a BA in Computer Science and Economics, MSc in Computer Science, and an MBA.

Keren Finkelstein


Keren is a backend developer and a tech leader in Tikal for 20 years. Keren develops mainly in Python while also providing Python development workshops. The extensive experience she has in development, and in life, helps her to look at the development world through a unique lens, enabling both proficient design and troubleshooting skills. Recently she mentored junior developers as part of Tikal's procamp, believing that knowledge sharing and comprehensive training should result in a better professional environment.

Shem Magnezi


Shem has more than a decade of experience in software engineering in various domains: client and server-side, real-time systems, big data, mobile, and web. Shem is passionate about building a culture of growth mindset and obsessed with making teams work better together. After several years as a senior IC in WeWork and Meta, Shem is now the CTO and Co-Founder of Wilco, a platform that empowers every developer, regardless of their background or skill level, to unlock their full potential.

Omer van Kloeten


Omer is a veteran software engineer with over two decades of experience in a wide range of roles, be it leading technology, teams or products. He's an experienced, avid generalist who loves public speaking and empowering developers.


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